2018 Hedge Fund Compensation Report

List of tables and charts

Figure 1: 2016 Level of Earnings
Figure 2: 2017 Projected Earnings
Figure 3: Historical Earnings Level Comparison
Figure 4: 2016 Base vs. Bonus Pay
Figure 5: 2017 Base vs. Bonus Pay
Figure 6: Year over Year Compensation Change
Figure 7: Guaranteed Bonus Percentage
Figure 8: Cash Compensation by Title (Last Year vs. This Year)
Figure 9: Compensation Ranges by Title
Figure 10: Size of Group by Number of Employees
Figure 11: Size of Firm by Number of Employees
Figure 12: Compensation by Group Size (Number of Employees)
Figure 13: Compensation by Firm Size (Number of Employees)
Figure 14: Compensation by Country
Figure 15: Fund Investment Strategies
Figure 16: Compensation by Strategy
Figure 17: Current Year Fund Performance
Figure 18: Expected Bonus Level by Fund Performance
Figure 19: Bonus Criteria
Figure 20: Bonus Payout by Calculation Method
Figure 21: Number of Bonus Payouts per Year
Figure 22: Months When Bonuses Are Paid Out
Figure 23: Size of Most Recent Fund (USD)
Figure 24: Compensation by Fund Size
Figure 25: Cash Compensation by Fund Size for Common Titles
Figure 26: Base and Bonus by Fund Size and Title
Figure 27: Base and Bonus by Title and Fund Performance
Figure 28: Hours Worked per Week
Figure 29: Compensation by Length of Work Week
Figure 30: Earnings per Hour by Title
Figure 31: Vacation Earned
Figure 32: Vacation Earned vs. Taken
Figure 33: Vacation Taken vs. Compensation
Figure 34: Work & Personal Life Balance
Figure 35: Where Are Firms Hiring Now?
Figure 36: Level of Equity Sharing
Figure 37: Percentage of Job Title with Equity
Figure 38: Equity Participation by Work Experience
Figure 39: Equity Participation by Hedge Fund Experience
Figure 40: Level of Job Security Concern
Figure 41: Reasons for Concern about Job Security
Figure 42: MBA Compensation Comparison
Figure 43: What Roles Do MBAs Play?
Figure 44: Quality of Firms’ Training Programs
Figure 45: Background of Hedge Fund Professionals
Figure 46: Years with Current Firm
Figure 47: Years of Work vs. Industry Experience
Figure 48: Sources of Hedge Fund Jobs
Figure 49: Satisfaction with Compensation
Figure 50: Compensation Satisfaction by Title