What Is The Hedge Fund Compensation Report?

The Hedge Fund Compensation Report is the world’s most comprehensive guide to salaries and compensation in the field of hedge funds.

The data in the report is organized into 50 tables and charts, and is based on a comprehensive annual survey of hundreds of partners and employees from several hundred hedge fund capital firms.

Who will get the most out of the Report?

There are two main groups of people who can benefit from the Report:

Hedge Fund professionals seeking the most up to date information when negotiating their own salary and compensation packages.

Hedge Fund firms looking to set benchmarks for compensation policies.

How is your Report different from other compensation reports?

There are several sources for Hedge Fund compensation information. Here’s a short analysis as to what makes the Hedge Fund Compensation Report different:

Independent and impartial: compensation reports are sometimes offered by recruiters or others with an “agenda” other than sharing the most accurate, relevant and up to date information. Our sole purpose is to provide you with the most up to date and useful compensation data.

Trusted sources: information in the Report is based on our survey of hundreds of partners and employees that represent several hundred hedge fund firms. Some of the participating firms over the years include Bain Capital, Barclays Capital, BlackRock, Deutsche Bank, Qualcomm, RBS, Time Warner Investments and many others – a “who’s who” of Hedge Fund firms.

Comprehensive: the Report doesn’t just provide information on cash salary benchmarks, but on all facets of compensation and job satisfaction including base and bonus compensation, fund performance and its impact on bonus levels, fund equity, job satisfaction, vacation days, job security and more.

Up To Date: the Report is updated annually. The most recent Report is based on data collected in Q4.

Value For Money: many other reports that offer a much narrower view, are offered for a higher price. The Hedge Fund Compensation Report provides a high-return investment for Hedge Fund professionals or firms seeking to understand current industry compensation norms and trends.

What's inside the Report?

The Report is organized into sections, each containing relevant charts and graphs.  A complete list of the different sections can be viewed in the Table of Figures here.  You can also access a Free Sample of the Report, which shows how the Report is laid out and structured.

Where are your customers based?

Most of our customers are based in North America (USA and Canada). We also have customers based in the UK, Hong Kong, Australia and other countries.

Who's behind hedgefundcompensation.com?

The Report is published by Benchmark Compensation. Benchmark Compensation focuses on providing unbiased compensation studies and reports to financial firms. Since 2007, the firm has published the most accurate and affordable reports in investment-related industries. In addition to annual compensation reports, the firm also provides customized data analysis and consulting.


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