xFifth Annual Hedge Fund Compensation Report

The Most Complete Benchmark for Hedge Fund Compensation

The fifth annual Hedge Fund Compensation Report is the only report based exclusively on data collected directly from hedge fund professionals.

More than 40 detailed charts and graphs

This year’s report, with more than 40 detailed charts and graphs, should provide you with all the information you need to better understand industry compensation practices: compensation earned, levels of equity sharing, bonus structure, comp relative to fund performance and much more.

The report also demonstrates how hedge fund professionals perceive their work and what they expect from their employers.

Questions answered in this report include:

– What are the compensation average and ranges by title?
– What is the balance between base salary vs. bonus payouts?
– Which titles earn the most and how has their comp changed?
– Who shares in the upside and how does that affect their cash comp?
– How does fund size and performance affect pay?


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