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The data was collected. The numbers were crunched. The results are in.

This year’s Hedge Fund Compensation Report, with more than 40 detailed charts and graphs, should provide you with all the information you need to better understand compensation practices.

The Hedge Fund Compensation Report gives you an inside look at the hedge fund industry in terms of compensation practices, work environment, time off and the impact of today’s markets on hedge fund pay.

The Report is based on compensation data collected directly from hundreds of hedge fund partners and employees. Over the years, we have surveyed thousands of hedge fund portfolio managers, analysts, traders, CFO’s, COO’s, risk managers and others from hedge fund firms, both large and small.

This report will give you what you need whether you are negotiating your own compensation package or setting benchmarks for your firm’s compensation policies.


Get the Benchmarks

The Report addresses core compensation topics, much more than just cash compensation. Some of the questions answered in this report include:

      • What are the compensation averages and ranges by title?
      • What is the balance between base vs. bonus payouts?
      • Which titles earn the most and how has their comp changed?
      • Who shares in the upside and how does that affect their cash comp?
      • How does fund performance affect pay?
      • How does fund size affect pay?
      • Impact of hours worked on compensation?
      • and MANY more…


Independent. Comprehensive. Reliable.

The Hedge Fund Compensation Report has grown to become the most complete benchmark for hedge fund compensation practices in the industry. The Report represents a compensation benchmark resource that is comprehensive, reliable and affordable. Respondents participating over the years represent a good cross-section of the industry including small firms as well as some of the most recognized hedge fund firms, including: Apollo Global Management, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Blackwater Capital, Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Gottex Fund Management, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase & Co., LCF Rothschild, Man Investments, RBC, Silver Point Capital, UBP Asset Management, UBS and Wells Fargo Alternative Strategies.

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